Tiffany M. reviews The Actors Workshop

Yelp Reviews The Actors WorkshopMany actors look high and low to find an acting school in Los Angeles that teaches them to be “real.” Casting directors LOVE when an actor is “believable and real.” When learning to act on camera for Film this can be a tough task. Unfortunately schools don’t teach their actors to be a real, truthful actors.

In this review Tiffany M. explains how she found The Actors Workshop and how she discovered how to be a real and believable actor in front of the camera:

“I heard R.J. Adams speaking at an AFTRA workshop 2 years ago and it was the first time “acting” actually made sense to me. I have been attending the actors workshop for a year and a half now and have improved so much.

Most coaches teach you to use previous experiences or breakdown the character. Everything about that just seemed not right to me. I found myself stressing and in my head trying to figure things out. It was all about me, I couldn’t care less what the other actor was doing.

R.J. and Rob teach the art of reacting and listening. It’s very simple, you listen to the other actor and react to them. It creates reality. Real reactions, real emotions; the only thing that looks great on camera.

We practice auditioning and we are on camera every week, which is so helpful for me to see what I am doing wrong. The classes twice a week keep me in regular practice so I am constantly working.

I love going to class every week because R.J. and Rob push you to be your best and I wouldn’t expect anything less in an acting coach! If you are serious about working in film and TV you should check it out!”

Real and believable acting is what works on camera.

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A Review of The Actors Workshop by Jessica L.

The Actors Workshop ReviewIf you have been looking for an Acting School in Orange County or Los Angeles you know there are many  acting “methods” or techniques being taught. Jessica L. came to The Actors Workshop having experienced many different ways of learning acting but found The Actors Workshop method of “common sense acting” to be the right fit for her. She’s not alone in feeling that way because it’s the acting technique used by the BEST ACTORS in the business.

Here is what Jessica L. had to say:

“I have been studying here for about two years (I actually generally attend the OC location, but the coaches are the same and we are free to go back and forth), and when it comes to acting technique for the camera, it doesn’t get any better.  Having gone to other acting schools in the past, I had to adjust my understanding of what acting is while studying with R.J. and Rob, but having come to understand the “common sense acting” technique they teach, I will never go back! They teach their students the same method that the best actors in the business talk about in interviews.  Through this workshop I am learning to be a real human being with real feelings and behavior in front of the camera–what more could an actor want?”

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Review of The Actors Workshop by Tanja L.

The Actors Workshop ReviewsThis next review, our most recent, is from Tanja L. Tanja has been getting great results from The Actors Workshop and has been participating in the free Casting Director and Agent Showcases as well. Her work has caught the attention of some of the top Agents in Los Angeles.

Check out what she had to say about The Actors Workshop:

“The Actors’ Workshop is a supportive instructional environment where people can learn everything they must know and do, to become good actors. The classes provide actors the opportunity to engage in cold readings techniques and memorized scenes. In addition to teaching students how to become consistent in implementing the Meisner technique, both R. J Adams and his son Rob Adams provide valuable  insight about  other aspects of acting and the business such as the audition process, developing your craft, and marketing your product .  As a student, I have found that working on camera consistently is quite beneficial, especially since there are certain aspects about working on camera that are not taught in typical acting classes. I strongly believe R. J. Adams and Rob Adams are just as invested as I am in training me to become a good actress.”

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The Actors Workshop Review by Ashley W.

The Actors Workshop ReviewWe’ve received another great review on Yelp by Ashley W. She has been studying at The Actors Workshop in North Hollywood for many years. Check out what Ashley had to say:

Review of The Actors Workshop by Ashley W.

I’ve been in LA for about 5 years and I’ve taken several different acting workshops to study TV/Film acting.  The only one that I have stuck with for consistent training and constant learning is The Actors Workshop with R.J. and Rob Adams.  R.J. and Rob provide an active working environment for actors to feel safe in practicing and improving their craft.  They both have tremendous knowledge of the business and are extremely articulate when teaching technique to actors on all different levels.  I have seen actors transform from not knowing the first thing about how to have a scripted conversation to being consistently fluid in their work.  R.J. and Rob are also very generous with their time as they are open to staying after class to answer questions, fielding e-mails, helping with resume work, and anything else you may need help with. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who has any interest in learning what it means to be a competent actor and will feel forever lucky to have found a place like this to learn.

Thank you, Ashley! We look forward to seeing you on the big screen soon!

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Review of The Actors Workshop by Kristen B.

Yelp Reviews Actors WorkshopOur Yelp reviews keep coming in and the feedback is excellent! Actors from all over Los Angeles and Orange County are making The Actors Workshop their home to study TV and Film Acting.

Here is great review by Kristen B.

The Actor’s workshop is wonderful. R.J.  and his son Rob run the place and have been around for years. They are genuine and really strive hard to help their students understand the business of acting. We are on camera once a week which is rare for most acting schools. The classes are twice a week and three hours long each. You definitely get your money’s worth. Although they don’t have to they make themselves available to their students after hours to help them with certain questions or understand certain things which is unheard of. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone better than these two people to understand my craft and start my career. And unlike a lot of acting coaches these two guys are a actually actors! Not “used to be actors” and not casting directors. They are actual practicing actors that know the business and are still going on auditions and have both been in movies. I highly recommend this place over any other acting school in the L.A. area. I drive an hour just to go to school there. What these two coaches make you realize in the acting world is its not a race but it’s a marathon that takes hard work, dedication and tenacity. Eventually hard work pays off and this is the place to give you that “ump” to strive for your dream and stay consistent doing it. Kudos to the Actors workshop!

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Reviews for The Actors Workshop in Los Angeles

The Yelp Reviews for The Actors Workshop are in! (and some are hidden)

Yelp Reviews Actors WorkshopYelp is well known as a first stop for people when shopping, looking for a new restaurant to try or…to check out acting schools in Los Angeles. While we have a good presence on Yelp and are very highly reviewed, we wanted to make sure you see the whole picture. Many of our reviews are actually not visible (directly) on Yelp. Yelp has a weird filter system that tends to hide reviews. It’s unfortunate because all of the reviews are very detailed and thorough and will give someone looking for an acting school in Los Angeles an excellent idea of what to expect when they come to The Actors Workshop.

Here are a few examples:

(the instructors)…provide valuable  insight about  other aspects of acting and the business such as the audition process, developing your craft, and marketing your product .  As a student, I have found that working on camera consistently is quite beneficial, especially since there are certain aspects about working on camera that are not taught in typical acting classes.-Tanja L.

R.J. and Rob provide an active working environment for actors to feel safe in practicing and improving their craft.  They both have tremendous knowledge of the business and are extremely articulate when teaching technique to actors on all different levels. -Ashley W.

There are at least TEN other reviews on Yelp that are “filtered.” Feel free to check them out.

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Want to be a Believable Actor? Keep it simple!!

Have you ever watched a film, TV show or play and said to yourself “I don’t believe him/her?”  The actor wasn’t truthful. You could SEE the acting. This happens to A LOT of actors. This is why many actors never make it past the audition. As soon as they leave the room the casting director is saying “He/She was very ”act-y.”

Here at The Actors Workshop, we are always talking about “keeping it simple.” When you keep it simple, you are honest in the work. When you keep it honest and truthful, you are believable.

The problem with using scene study, breaking down a scene, or method acting, is the actor wants to know the outcome before it happens. Why? The tendency is for actors to feel the need to do something, plan their responses and reactions, try to be interesting etc.  They will try to create the situation from the script rather than allowing the person or persons they are working with affect them. It’s not about you! It’s about the other actor(s).

The solution to this problem is to learn to be a moment to moment actor. No planning, no preconceived notions about how the scene will go. Just BE in the scene with the other actor and react truthfully by focusing all your attention on them.

Real people deal with situations in the moment, no matter what it is, and from those moments come emotion. The less you do, the stronger the result. The more you just react, in the moment, the more truthful your acting and the better you’ll be.  Just keep it simple! In this clip Robert DeNiro touches on this very subject.

As the Nike slogan states “Just Do It” and it will take care of it’s self!




The Actors Workshop is on The Real Housewives of Orange County!

alexis bellino taking acting classesThe secret is out! Alexis from the Real Housewives of Orange County is taking acting classes at The Actors Workshop. For those who watched this week’s episode, you got to see Alexis meeting with Rob Adams for an interview. Alexis had mentioned she had been on General Hospital and from there her interest in learning acting flourished. Rob and Alexis discussed “What is Acting?” and Rob explained Acting.  Alexis was enthusiastic in admitting “Hey! I’ve learned something new!”

Later we see Alexis doing one of her first scenes at The Actors Workshop. She does a scene twice and by her second scene she is much more natural and conversational. This is a great start!  Alexis is quite enthusiastic about her acting classes. We are excited to help Alexis grow and learn the craft of acting.

Keep watching The Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo at 9pm to see Alexis taking more acting classes and watch her progress here at The Actors Workshop.

What is Acting?

Coaching Corner: What is Acting?

In this episode of The Coaching Corner, R.J. discusses the topic: “What is Acting?” Its not about character development, breaking down the script, “playing” a role or any other of the terms that are thrown around in the industry these days. Its much simpler and more powerful.

“Your self worth as an actor is in who and what you are as a human being”

An actor that is described as “talented” is the one who brings the most of themselves to their work. Its not about putting on a facade or “disappearing into the role” as a matter of fact its quite the opposite. The actor that is closest to their true nature in the circumstances of the “scene” (and I don’t like even calling it that) will react with truthfulness and believability that will move audiences. That’s your art. That is acting.

Check out the video:


Rob Adams Acting Coach on The Coaching Corner

Meet Rob Adams, Acting Coach

In this episode of Coaching Corner video R.J. interviews Rob Adams, of The Actors Workshop, an acting coach who teaches acting classes in Los Angeles and Orange County. Rob is a veteran acting coach who has been teaching the craft of acting on camera for well over 20 years.

Rob talks about acting for comedy and how some of the best comedic actors are dramatic actors. Rob and R.J. also discuss the parallels of sports and acting. How being “in the zone” applies to both actors and athletes. Athletes “work in the moment” as do actors, left only to react and not “act.”

R.J. then answers some questions on how to get an agent, the do’s and don’t’s of mailing to an agent, casting director etc.

Check it out!

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