Tiffany M. reviews The Actors Workshop

Yelp Reviews The Actors WorkshopMany actors look high and low to find an acting school in Los Angeles that teaches them to be “real.” Casting directors LOVE when an actor is “believable and real.” When learning to act on camera for Film this can be a tough task. Unfortunately schools don’t teach their actors to be a real, truthful actors.

In this review Tiffany M. explains how she found The Actors Workshop and how she discovered how to be a real and believable actor in front of the camera:

“I heard R.J. Adams speaking at an AFTRA workshop 2 years ago and it was the first time “acting” actually made sense to me. I have been attending the actors workshop for a year and a half now and have improved so much.

Most coaches teach you to use previous experiences or breakdown the character. Everything about that just seemed not right to me. I found myself stressing and in my head trying to figure things out. It was all about me, I couldn’t care less what the other actor was doing.

R.J. and Rob teach the art of reacting and listening. It’s very simple, you listen to the other actor and react to them. It creates reality. Real reactions, real emotions; the only thing that looks great on camera.

We practice auditioning and we are on camera every week, which is so helpful for me to see what I am doing wrong. The classes twice a week keep me in regular practice so I am constantly working.

I love going to class every week because R.J. and Rob push you to be your best and I wouldn’t expect anything less in an acting coach! If you are serious about working in film and TV you should check it out!”

Real and believable acting is what works on camera.

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  1. Joher says:

    Please let know about class schedule, whether in person or Skype and rates. Are locations for class been included? Thanks. -Joher Coleman

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