A Review of The Actors Workshop by Jessica L.

The Actors Workshop ReviewIf you have been looking for an Acting School in Orange County or Los Angeles you know there are many  acting “methods” or techniques being taught. Jessica L. came to The Actors Workshop having experienced many different ways of learning acting but found The Actors Workshop method of “common sense acting” to be the right fit for her. She’s not alone in feeling that way because it’s the acting technique used by the BEST ACTORS in the business.

Here is what Jessica L. had to say:

“I have been studying here for about two years (I actually generally attend the OC location, but the coaches are the same and we are free to go back and forth), and when it comes to acting technique for the camera, it doesn’t get any better.  Having gone to other acting schools in the past, I had to adjust my understanding of what acting is while studying with R.J. and Rob, but having come to understand the “common sense acting” technique they teach, I will never go back! They teach their students the same method that the best actors in the business talk about in interviews.  Through this workshop I am learning to be a real human being with real feelings and behavior in front of the camera–what more could an actor want?”

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