Review of The Actors Workshop by Tanja L.

The Actors Workshop ReviewsThis next review, our most recent, is from Tanja L. Tanja has been getting great results from The Actors Workshop and has been participating in the free Casting Director and Agent Showcases as well. Her work has caught the attention of some of the top Agents in Los Angeles.

Check out what she had to say about The Actors Workshop:

“The Actors’ Workshop is a supportive instructional environment where people can learn everything they must know and do, to become good actors. The classes provide actors the opportunity to engage in cold readings techniques and memorized scenes. In addition to teaching students how to become consistent in implementing the Meisner technique, both R. J Adams and his son Rob Adams provide valuable  insight about  other aspects of acting and the business such as the audition process, developing your craft, and marketing your product .  As a student, I have found that working on camera consistently is quite beneficial, especially since there are certain aspects about working on camera that are not taught in typical acting classes. I strongly believe R. J. Adams and Rob Adams are just as invested as I am in training me to become a good actress.”

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