Review of The Actors Workshop by Kristen B.

Yelp Reviews Actors WorkshopOur Yelp reviews keep coming in and the feedback is excellent! Actors from all over Los Angeles and Orange County are making The Actors Workshop their home to study TV and Film Acting.

Here is great review by Kristen B.

The Actor’s workshop is wonderful. R.J.  and his son Rob run the place and have been around for years. They are genuine and really strive hard to help their students understand the business of acting. We are on camera once a week which is rare for most acting schools. The classes are twice a week and three hours long each. You definitely get your money’s worth. Although they don’t have to they make themselves available to their students after hours to help them with certain questions or understand certain things which is unheard of. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone better than these two people to understand my craft and start my career. And unlike a lot of acting coaches these two guys are a actually actors! Not “used to be actors” and not casting directors. They are actual practicing actors that know the business and are still going on auditions and have both been in movies. I highly recommend this place over any other acting school in the L.A. area. I drive an hour just to go to school there. What these two coaches make you realize in the acting world is its not a race but it’s a marathon that takes hard work, dedication and tenacity. Eventually hard work pays off and this is the place to give you that “ump” to strive for your dream and stay consistent doing it. Kudos to the Actors workshop!

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