Reviews for The Actors Workshop in Los Angeles

The Yelp Reviews for The Actors Workshop are in! (and some are hidden)

Yelp Reviews Actors WorkshopYelp is well known as a first stop for people when shopping, looking for a new restaurant to try or…to check out acting schools in Los Angeles. While we have a good presence on Yelp and are very highly reviewed, we wanted to make sure you see the whole picture. Many of our reviews are actually not visible (directly) on Yelp. Yelp has a weird filter system that tends to hide reviews. It’s unfortunate because all of the reviews are very detailed and thorough and will give someone looking for an acting school in Los Angeles an excellent idea of what to expect when they come to The Actors Workshop.

Here are a few examples:

(the instructors)…provide valuable  insight about  other aspects of acting and the business such as the audition process, developing your craft, and marketing your product .  As a student, I have found that working on camera consistently is quite beneficial, especially since there are certain aspects about working on camera that are not taught in typical acting classes.-Tanja L.

R.J. and Rob provide an active working environment for actors to feel safe in practicing and improving their craft.  They both have tremendous knowledge of the business and are extremely articulate when teaching technique to actors on all different levels. -Ashley W.

There are at least TEN other reviews on Yelp that are “filtered.” Feel free to check them out.

Click here for The Filtered Reviews that YELP doesn’t want you to read.

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